Modern effective websites from scratch to launch

Daria — web / UI / Ux designer
from scratch to launch
Not just a nice package for your business, but a tool which helps you get more clients due to marketing analysis, strong texts and user convenience
The work on the whole project will take 3 to 4 hours of your time. Just find space in your schedule for an interview to answer my questions. I’ll do the rest myself. You’ll only verify the midline stages and accept the final result.

i create websites with eye-pleasing interfaces,

— who am i
My name is Daria, I’ve been developing websites for small and medium-sized businesses for 2 years. I work comprehensively: from writing texts and designing to technical settings and launching.

I’ve worked with different niches — real estate, video production, fitness, trucking, online courses and others. And I’m always happy to dive into new fields.

I help companies attract customers, enhance their image, scale and automate their businesses.
clear and user-friendly
My name is Daria, I’ve been developing websites for small and medium-sized businesses for 2 years. I work comprehensively: from writing texts and designing to technical settings and launching.
I’ve worked with different niches — real estate, video production, fitness, trucking, online courses and others. And I’m always happy to dive into new fields.

I help companies attract customers, enhance their image, scale and automate their businesses.

i can help you if

— for whom

you want
to go online
find a new way to attract customers
launch a new business
test a new niche
attract a flow of requests
automate business processes
enhance your image
you are
a business owner
a private entrepreneur
an expert
a producer
your website
converts poorly
is not very convenient, its hard for your customers to find what they need
is outdated, you don’t like its design any more
needs correction in its layout
we are

— portfolio

You know your business best of all, I know how to present it on a website efficiently. Together we create memorable projects that work for you
ox film
Portfolio of a video production studio
fashion buro
A stylist's personal website
tours to italy
Website of a travel agency
beauty salon
Beauty salon 812 in Tyumen website
A dubbing studio website
ok sport
A fitness studio website

what I focus on in my work

— approach
I analyze your target audience in order to respond to people's requests and prevent objections before they are formulated.

As a result, conversion of a site visitor to buyer is higher





I convey important meanings about your business, product and approach to visitors through texts, so that your key advantages are clear from the headings only.

The result – the number of requests and/or purchases increases, sales grow
The UX component of the site. I think over the logic of the site, so that it is convenient for a visitor to find the information needed.

This is how we take care of your client, evoke positive emotions about your business, his trust in you grows, he makes a purchase or leaves a request easier
The visual component of the site: it creates an appealing image of your company, increases trust in your brand, sets you apart from your competitors, and customers remember you better
Do you want to understand if your site meets
— for website owners
Subscribe to my account in any of the social networks, send me a personal message with the word "checklist", and get a free checklist which will help you audit your site and see if it needs improving

working with me is easy and comfortable

— approach
You can contact me without a detailed and clearly structured TOR. I will ask you about your business, conduct a marketing analysis, and we will compile it together

easy start

mutual respect

my interest

it's official

I form a partnership with my client: you know your business, I know how to create a working website that brings the desired result. We work together to achieve a common goal
I value my reputation, so it is important for me to make a good website that will bring new customers both for me and for you
Self-employed – I work under a contract, with legal entities as well, issue checks

cтоимость разработки сайта

landing page

a company website aimed at selling of one product or service, a personal page or a portfolio
the cost of

— prices

The final cost is calculated based on the results of the interview and depends on your task and ways of its solving. Click here to see what is included in the price
from 10 days
from $ 450


a site with a more complex structure telling a detailed story about your company, its services, divisions, team, history, etc.
from 15 days
from $ 480


a website for selling of products and goods of any kind with a catalog, cart and online payment system
from 15 days
from $ 500


a website with a user’s personal account for the training and informational products
from 18 days
from $ 550
If you are not sure what kind of website you need, no problem. Write to me, I will contact you and help you decide
Want to know how you can increase the
— for designers
conversion rate
of a website
Subscribe to my account in any of the social networks, send me a personal message with the word "article", and get an article about design techniques that will help you receive more requests from a site
thanks to design?

We will go all the way together: from discussing your project to launching the site

— process

As a result, you will get a working website, fully ready to receive visitors and their requests, for advertising it, etc.



We connect through a videocall. You tell me about yourself and your business. I find out what your task is and what expectations you have; ask questions, your answers to which will help me fulfill your task and meet your expectations. I answer your questions.

Based on the results of this interview, I make you a commercial offer with 2-3 cost options depending on the volume of the future site, its functionality, complexity of design, the number of edits iterations, etc.

When you have chosen a tariff, we sign a contract, you make an advance payment, and we proceed to the next stage.
the result of the stage – clear understanding of what task the site should solve; the contract for the site development


I dive into your business through the interview, analysis of your competitors and target audience.

I identify your strengths to focus on them and weaknesses to disguise them; your advantages over competitors; the benefits of purchasing your product for consumers. Based on the analysis, I build the structure of the site.

I determine the sequence of giving out of information. I write texts for the site from scratch or edit yours. You can make edits to texts, change the order of semantic blocks.
the result of the stage – a well-developed site structure and texts that close customers’ possible objections and warm up visitors to purchase; a black-and-white schematic image of the site in Figma


We discuss the visual component of the site: colors, fonts, graphic elements. I find references. You can show examples of sites that you like. We choose visual aids that reflect the image of your company most accurately

I develop the design based on the specifics of your niche and the analysis of competitors in order to make your business stand out on their background.
I design 1-2 variants of the first two or three blocks of the site. You choose the one that you like. It is possible to make edits

Based on the agreed design concept, I make the design of all the pages of the site in Figma. Here you can also make edits
the result of the stage — ready design of the site in accordance with the specifics of your niche and your wishes, which will be remembered by your customers; the design layout of the future site in the agreed style


I transfer the design layout to Tilda (or pass it to the developer for laying it out on another platform), customize animation, adapt the site to mobile devices; check the correctness of all links and site display on different devices and in different browsers; connect all the necessary functionality: domain, security protocol, feedback forms, payment systems, personal accounts, etc. — depending on the task and our agreements. If necessary, I set up basic SEO optimization of the site.

You can make edits to the mobile version and animation, after which I transfer the site from my account to yours.
the result of the stage – a working website, fully ready to receive visitors and requests, for advertising it, etc.


I record a detailed video instruction for you. With its help you will be able to make changes to the site yourself. During the agreed time, I eliminate minor flaws in the design and / or operation of the site, if we find any
The result of the stage — the site works correctly, loads quickly, is indexed by search engines
I understand that as a customer you are interested in the

— approach


not in the process
And that's how we will reach it


I focus on conveying important meanings about your business to customers through succinct and clear texts


I conduct marketing analysis; study your niche, competitors and common problems faced by your customers


and only then I wrap it into an up-to-date design that will convey the vibe of your company, set you apart from your competitors and will be remembered by your target audience
"We've already received first requests from the site. Thank you!"

— reviews

Click on the card to read the original review in its full /sorry, all in Russian/
Ekaterina, tutor
"Daria delves into the essence of business, offers different options and tries not to stick to standard decisions :)" - Nikita, producer
Sergey, businessman
Kirill, businessman
"From work and communication with Daria it is clear that she is a professional in her field" - Anatoly, marketer

i will develop a website in 2 languages

— translations
Before web design, I’d translated movies and series for theatres and TV for more than 20 years. And even made a bilingual website for my former colleagues — the SV-Double dubbing studio — and not only for them
without mistakes
in translation

"How much will the site cost?"

— q&a
Answers to this and other questions that I hear most often

how much will the site cost?

Prices "from" are indicated in the cost of website development section

It is important to understand that the final price can change both up and down depending on:

• how big your site will be — 1 page or 200
• what functionality there will be on the site — feedback forms, payment systems, online booking, etc
. • design of what complexity you want to see – simple and minimalistic or festival-like with complex animation
• if you have ready-made content (texts, photos, videos) or you need help with its preparation

We discuss all these and many other details during the first — free of charge— stage of our collaboration. I process the collected information and make you a commercial offer with 2-4 tariffs. You choose the most suitable one and — voila! — get an answer to the question how much the site will cost :)

what do I do if I don't have a TOR and/or content for the site?

It's not a problem. I conduct an interview where you tell me about your business and the tasks of the site in detail. Then I analyze your competitors and target audience. Based on the collected information, I write texts or engage a copywriter. I make up a technical specification for a photographer and videographer, or select images on photo stocks

will I be able to edit the site myself?

Yes. One of the advantages of Tilda is the ability to make changes to the content of the site easily. At the end of our collaboration, I record a video instruction on how to do it for you.

If you need further technical support or want to make more complex changes to the site, you can contact me. The cost of site maintenance after launch is discussed individually.

do you work with legal entities and sole proprietors?

Yes, I am registered as self-employed – I draw up a contract, a technical task, a cost sheet and provide checks.

phone and mail



social networks

let's strengthen
your business

Let’s create a website that will bring you requests, customers and profit. To discuss the project, write to me in Telegram or contact me in any other convenient way

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